by flunkie.

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released September 3, 2015



all rights reserved



stone cold cry baby.

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Track Name: need.
if u need me to say no to u
i will say no to u even if i dont want to

if u need me to say go
then ill want you to go

if u need me to say that i dont love you
well i dont love u, i dont

if u need me to say i dont need u
then i will leave u, i will be what u need

if u need me to say i miss u
well i do
i could never lie to u
Track Name: fix.
i want you to kiss me
feeling a little tipsy
im indolent with my arm round your neck
and your body is pressed against me

i want you to fix me
feeling a little shitty
but im genuine with my hand on your chest
and your heart is beating for me

i want you to touch me
feeling a little guilty
but right now youre sleeping with me in my bed
and i just dont want to be lonely
Track Name: someone.
i never thought that i could be someone
that i could do something and get love in return

i dont have to know myself now
i dont have to own myself now

please, believe me
ive been wanting this forever
please, believe me
ive been needing this forever

tell me how to be
someone that matters
if only i had know that
it would matter